Jilin City, Jilin Province held an investment and financing cloud roadshow event of "Industry-Finance Cooperation Helping Enterprises to Develop High-Quality Development"

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2023-08-04 11:20

On November 11, in accordance with the overall work arrangement for promoting industrial integration and the requirements of the Notice of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Providing Enterprise Investment and Financing Roadshows and Platform Public Services for Industry Integration Pilot Cities (Gongcai Han [9] No. 2021), Jilin City, with the support of the Industrial Culture Development Center and relying on the innovation and entrepreneurship investment and financing service platform of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, held the investment and financing cloud roadshow "Industry Integration to Help High-quality Development of Enterprises". 73 companies from cloud computing, semiconductor, medical, pesticide and other fields and more than 4 financial institutions participated in the roadshow. Wang Xu, Deputy Director of Jilin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, attended the event and delivered a speech.

In recent years, Jilin City has closely focused on the national decision-making and deployment, taking advantage of the opportunity of "industry integration as a pilot city for services", continuously optimizing the business environment, and constantly stimulating the vitality of market entities, and has successively established service subjects such as industry integration service platform, enterprise development service center, public training base, etc., integrating financial support, factor guarantee, digital empowerment, technical support and other service efficiency, creating a precedent for industrial integration in the province, currently serving 11000,1 enterprises on the industry and finance platform, accounting for 3/ 7. Achieve full coverage of four enterprises. At the beginning of this year, Jilin City issued the "Several Measures to Support the High-quality Development of "Specialized, Specialized and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of "specialized, specialized and new" development and drive small and medium-sized enterprises in the city to achieve high-quality development. Up to now, Jilin City has a total of 108 national-level specialized and special new "little giants", 122 provincial-level households and <> city-level enterprises, and the number of "specialized, specialized, special and new" enterprises has begun to take shape.

In the next step, Jilin City will further improve the growth of "specialized, specialized and new" enterprises in the real economic capacity of financial services. The first is to strengthen gradient cultivation, improve mechanisms such as business incubation, growth support, and graded rewards and subsidies for different growth stages of enterprises, focus on supporting technology-based small and micro enterprises, and form a pattern of progressive and gradient development of high-quality enterprises. The second is to increase scientific and technological empowerment, encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development, carry out technical cooperation, introduce advanced and applicable scientific and technological achievements, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, strengthen quality brand building, promote enterprise integrated innovation and original innovation, and enhance their core competitiveness. The third is to smooth financing channels. Guide the city's government financing guarantee institutions to implement preferential rates for "specialized, specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, support enterprises to introduce equity financing such as venture capital, private equity investment, and industrial investment funds, and give corresponding rewards and subsidies to listed enterprises.

Wang Xu, deputy director of Jilin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech

At the event site, four enterprises, Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jilin Jinqiu Pesticide Co., Ltd., Beijing Genesis Technology Co., Ltd., and Saixin Semiconductor Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of the project, project highlights, development planning and financing plan. Xu Yuanping, Managing Director of Dachen Caizhi, and Wang Daozhen, Investment Director of Venture Relay Fund, respectively questioned and commented on the company.