Announcement of the resolution of the first meeting of the fourth Board of Supervisors

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2024-04-23 16:14

AnnouncementNumber: 2023-036

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Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Announcement of the resolution of the first meeting of the fourth Board of Supervisors


The Company and all members of the Board of Directors warrant that the content of the announcement is true, accurate and complete, and there are no false records, misleading statements or material omissions, and assume individual and joint legal responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of its content.


1. The convening and attendance of the meeting
(1) Information on the convening of the meeting
1. Meeting Date: November 22, 2023
2. Meeting place: Conference room on the third floor of the company
3. Meeting mode: to be held on site
4. The time and method of sending the notice of the meeting of the Supervisory Board: to be sent by written notice on November 22, 2023
5. Moderator: All supervisors jointly nominated Ms. Shi Chunyan to chair the meeting
6. Explanation of legality and compliance of the convening situation:
After the company elected a new board of supervisors on the same day, it issued a notice in person and convened the board of supervisors with the consent of all supervisors. The convening and convening of this meeting comply with the relevant provisions of the Company Law and relevant laws, regulations and Articles of Association.
(2) Attendance at the meeting
The meeting shall be attended by 3 supervisors, and 3 supervisors present and authorized to attend.


2. Deliberation of bills
(1) Deliberating and passing the motion on the election of Shi Chunyan to succeed the fourth Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Company
1. Contents of the motion:
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association of the Company, Shi Chunyan is elected as the Chairman of the fourth Board of Supervisors of the Company, with a term of office from the date of adoption of the current Board of Supervisors to the expiration of the term of the fourth Board of Supervisors. After verification, Ms. Shi Chunyan meets the qualifications for office and does not belong to the target of joint punishment for breach of trust.
2. Motion voting result: Agreed by 3 votes; Zero votes against; There were zero abstentions.
3. Recusal from voting
This motion does not need to be submitted to the General meeting for consideration.

3. File directory for reference
Resolution of the First Meeting of the Fourth Board of Supervisors of Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology Co., LTD.



Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology Co., LTD
Board of supervisors
November 22, 2023