Party branch in Tianzheng

The party branch was established at Tianzheng in Apr 2016, hosting twelve party members, one probationary party member, and two activists. Our party-building aligned with the practical need in company operating. In the “Proposals for better development” themed activities, the party members came up with over 40 proposals for company operating, cost reduction, energy conservation, technical development, employee benefits, and workplace safety, where 22 of them were adopted and helped save more than 200, 000 yuan for company. The regular party members meetings and party lectures have raised party-mindedness. The “Bidirectional cultivation program” have turned the party members into elite employees, who contributed significantly in management and tech development. We don’t overlook our social responsibilities while we focusing on corporate management. We reached out to poverty-stricken communities and nursing homes and made over one mln yuan donation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we donated more than 500,000 yuan to the vulnerable groups.