Party branch introduction

The company established a party branch in April 2016, and currently has 4 formal party members, 12 reserve party member and 1 active members. With the goal of "leading party building and sailing for enterprises", the party branch closely focuses on the needs of enterprises to carry out party building work. It has realized the double promotion and promotion of enterprise development and party building. Combined with the promotion of the normalization and institutionalization of "two studies and one doing" learning and education, the party branch took the theme party day as the starting point to design and carry out the "I make suggestions for enterprise development" activity, and party members actively put forward more than 2 suggestions and suggestions on enterprise operation, cost reduction and energy saving, technological innovation, employee welfare, safety production, etc., 40 of which were adopted, saving more than 22,20 yuan for enterprises. Through regularly carrying out the life of Party organizations such as the "three sessions and one lesson", Party members' awareness of Party spirit and their own quality have been continuously enhanced. Implement a "two-way" cultivation mechanism. All 14 party members have become the backbone of the enterprise's business and played a central role in strengthening enterprise management and production technology innovation. While conscientiously grasping the development of the enterprise, the company actively carried out activities such as helping poor households and condolences to homes for the elderly with the focus of returning to the society and improving its image, donating a total of more than 100 million yuan, and donating more than 50,<> yuan to all walks of life during the epidemic this year.