Warm congratulations to Timzheng Pharmaceuticals for its successful listing on the National SME Share Transfer System

release time:

2023-08-04 11:26

Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was listed in Beijing on April 2015, 04, and Tianzheng Pharmaceutical (stock code 29) was officially listed on the "New Third Board"!

Listing on the "New Third Board" is a historic opportunity for our enterprise, financial investment innovation, economic structure transformation, bringing more development opportunities and a better development environment to the company, is a leap in the development of the enterprise.

We will further standardize corporate governance, strictly fulfill information disclosure obligations, implement a more rigorous internal control system, effectively control various business risks, follow the principle of openness and transparency, continuously enhance the core competitiveness and credibility of enterprises, and gradually grow into a competitive and influential enterprise.

All employees of Tim Zheng Pharmaceutical will return the government, the market and investors with 100-fold efforts and continuous excellent performance!