Mayor Wang Ji to Jiahe city research

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2024-03-22 11:06

Mayor Wang Ji to Jiahe city research


The picture shows Mayor Wang Ji (center) in Jinzhilou Ganoderma planting base research enterprise production and sales


At the site of the green recycling comprehensive utilization project of solid waste in Tiangang Town, Wang Ji checked the construction of the project on the spot, studied and solved the existing problems, and asked the relevant departments to speed up the preliminary work, consolidate the support of the elements, and ensure the early start of the project and early effect.


In the black land protection project site of Xinzhan Town, Jinzhilou Ganoderma planting base and Faffa Street Haiqing Village beef cattle breeding cooperative, Wang Ji has a detailed understanding of the implementation of relevant policies and the development of characteristic industries, requiring relevant departments to fully support policies, shoulder the primary responsibility of stable maintenance of national food security, do a good job of ecological farming and "local specialties", and solidly promote the development of modern agriculture.


In Jilin Songjiang plastic pipe equipment, Jilin (Sheng 'an) International Logistics, Delis Food, Changbaishan Pharmaceutical, Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology and other enterprises, Wang Ji asked about the transformation of enterprise technology research and development in detail, and told enterprises to focus on scientific and technological innovation to provide help for the transformation and upgrading of the city's industry and the cultivation of new quality productivity.


In Qingling Town, Wang Ji inspected the operation of tourism business units such as Xiangyi Villa, Qifenggu Homestay, Hualand Winery, to understand the main problems currently facing, and to study and deploy the next step of chain linking, effective integration and improvement of the development level of cultural tourism industry.


We will lead the way in supporting high-quality development and sustainable revitalization, and inject strong momentum into making new breakthroughs in promoting comprehensive revitalization.