Hu Yuting went to Jilin City to investigate and firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development to lead and support Jilin's revitalization breakthrough with new quality productivity

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2024-04-23 15:53

Hu Yuting went to Jilin City to investigate and firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development to lead and support Jilin's revitalization breakthrough with new quality productivity


On March 14, Hu Yuting, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, went to Jilin City for research on implementing the spirit of the National two Sessions and accelerating the development of new quality productivity.  Promote the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of emerging industries, and the cultivation of future industries, promote the "transformation of wisdom and number", accelerate the promotion of new industrialization, and take the lead in supporting the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin in the new era to achieve new breakthroughs.


Jilin Songjiang Plastic Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd. is the earliest enterprise engaged in the research and product development of plastic pipe interface technology in China, and its products are at the international leading level. Hu Yuting pointed out after observing the automatic intelligent production of enterprises on the spot that it is necessary to speed up the "intelligent transformation of the number" and equipment updating, and the digitalization and intelligence will run through the whole process of product research and development, production, sales, etc., to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and accelerate the building of lighthouse factories. It is necessary to expand application scenarios and create demonstration projects in the fields of water supply, heating, and gas, reduce the cost of the whole life cycle, improve the operating efficiency, and expand the scale of enterprises.


Jilin Tianzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a provincial specialized special new and science and technology small giant enterprise, Hu Yuting carefully understand the enterprise scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation and application, he stressed that scientific and technological innovation is the core element of cultivating new quality productivity. It is necessary to strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, deepen the deep integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We should work hard on the value-added chain extension of products, lay out the industrial chain around downstream products such as special medical food and health care products, and launch more products with invention patents.


Jilin Delis Food Co., Ltd. is the national pig slaughtering standardization demonstration plant, the country's first production of low-temperature meat products enterprises. After detailed understanding of technological innovation and the application of advanced production processes, Hu Yuting encourages enterprises to polish and ring enterprise brands with advanced processes and high-quality products according to market demand, increase investment in Kyrgyzstan, lay out more downstream processing projects, adjust product structure in a timely manner, and expand the whole chain of breeding, slaughtering and deep processing. To make greater contributions to local economic and social development.


During the investigation, Hu Yuting presided over a symposium at Jilin Chemical Fiber Group to listen to the comprehensive reform and strategic planning of the group from enterprises and relevant departments, and solve problems on the spot. He stressed that it is necessary to conscientiously study, promote and implement the spirit of the national two sessions, shoulder the mission of the backbone state-owned enterprises, anchor the goal of building world-class enterprises and creating 100-billion-level industrial clusters, work hard to cultivate and develop new quality productivity, promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, and work hard to deepen the reform and innovation of state-owned enterprises, reduce costs and increase efficiency, enhance core functions and improve core competitiveness. In expanding the application of carbon fiber new materials, creating products industrial park work hard, seize the opportunity of new industrialization, firm confidence in leapfrog development, change style, plan and move fast, unswervingly promote Jilin Chemical fiber bigger, stronger and better.


First, it is necessary to speed up the transformation from "selling raw silk carbon silk" to "selling products". Aim at high-grade products and application technologies, exert brand effect, consolidate and enhance the leading position in the industry, vigorously expand the commercial application of automotive lightweight, rail bus body, new energy equipment, aerospace and other fields, extend the downstream industrial chain, and improve the added value of products. Seize the policy opportunities of a new round of large-scale equipment renewal and the replacement of old consumer goods with new ones, promote the upgrading of production equipment, and improve the level of intelligent digitalization.


Second, we should improve the corporate governance system and stimulate the internal impetus for enterprise development. In accordance with the standards of world-class enterprises, we will systematically promote the innovation of product research and development, production and operation, marketing, and performance distribution mechanisms of enterprises, optimize the structure of products, assets, equity, and debt, and promote the fitness of enterprises to reduce burdens and increase efficiency. We will strengthen performance orientation, make good use of the tenure responsibility system, benefit sharing mechanism, special allowances and other measures to strengthen the construction of teams and teams, and implement refined management.


The third is to establish the concept of "serving the enterprise is empowering the development", and give the province's strength to support chemical fiber. Adhere to the "only give, not take" and "respond to needs", promote the focus of policy elements on advantageous areas, and help enterprises solve practical problems such as financing, energy use, and cost reduction.