Vice Governor Li Guoqiang to our city research

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2024-03-22 11:08

Vice Governor Li Guoqiang to our city research


From March 4 to 6, Vice Governor Li Guoqiang led a team to our city to conduct research on the steady growth of industrial and commercial economy in the first quarter, the "smart transformation" of manufacturing industry, the construction of key industrial projects, and production safety.


Li Guoqiang and his delegation successively came to 20 key enterprises such as Rock Jianlong, Jilin Yuanfang Machinery, Changbaishan Pharmaceutical, Jilin Tianchi Molybdenum Industry, Jilin Haiwang, Cornell Chemical, Jilin Lianke, Jiqi Longshan, etc., and walked into the production workshop, product exhibition hall, and construction site to learn about the production and operation, project construction, research and development innovation, industrial supporting facilities, and safety production of each enterprise. Ask if there are difficulties, on-site office to solve the problem.


Li Guoqiang encouraged enterprises to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and research and development, break through more key technologies, accelerate the formation of new quality productivity, and add new impetus to promote the steady growth of the province's economy and accelerate the overall revitalization. He stressed that intelligent transformation is an inevitable trend of the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, and relevant departments should support enterprises to speed up the "intelligent transformation and number transformation", help enterprises improve production efficiency and product quality, and constantly enhance market competitiveness. It is necessary to accelerate the construction of key projects, make good use of the situation to ensure the service guarantee, and strive to solve the difficult problems of card points and blocked points, and make every effort to promote the speed and efficiency of project construction to ensure that the economic development in the first quarter has achieved a good start. It is necessary to strictly implement the "three pipes and three must" responsibilities, do everything in our power to prevent and handle safety risks, and resolutely prevent major accidents from occurring.


Municipal leaders Cui Zhigang, Wang Rongxin, and Jiao Jiguo, director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, participated in the relevant research.